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Need to generate beautiful PDFs or even MS Word files from your application? Using Java, PHP, Python, Javascript, C# or any other programming language? Gone are the times of painful document "programming", your rendered office documents are just one API call away!
Create tons of documents in no time
VoodooMerge got you covered. With automatic document creation you can merge your JSON data to any DOCX or ODT template and make it look perfect.
Export your merged documents to various file types
VoodooMerge provides output for your JSON Data to various file types: PDF, DOC, DOCX, DOTX, DOT, ODT, OTT, UOT, XML, HTML, RTF and TXT.


And by simple, we mean as simple as this:
POST /api/generate HTTP/1.1
Host: (ours or yours)
Content-Type: application/json
  "templateName": "my-own-template.docx",
  "type": "DOCX",
  "data": {
    "title": "This is voodoo!",
    "text": "If you ever tried to programatically generate nicely layouted PDFs or DOCX files...",
    "teaser": "Come merge with us.",
For more details, try our online demo or visit our API docs and templating docs.

Cloud-service or self-hosted on-premise

It's your choice:
  • Choose our Cloud solution for the fastest project setup and no infrastructure worries: Get yout API key and fire off your Voodoo request.
  • Need to keep your data on premise? Use our docker-based appliance and be up and running almost as fast. We'll provide setup help as needed.

Test it yourself

You can test Voodoomerge on our demo page. Either use our examples, or create your own. If you experience any issues or need another feature added, don't hesitate contacting us.


Please contact our sales team with your requirements and we'll send you an unbeatable early access offer.

Customisation service available

Need a feature you dont't find listed? Need integration support or even a custom portal solution? Just contact us, our engeneering team is here to help!